Apartment Renovation Aristofanous str. (Year of construction: 1963 - Renovation: 2009)


Existing two rooms residence, living room and dining room.

New residence: three rooms as requested and a joined space for living room and kitchen.

Wall demolition after evaluating the bearing structure and complete elctrological and plumbing planning.

It is important for us, through this photograph presentation to fully understand how an old residence like this can become a modern and functional home.

The decision to move the living room "at the back" of the house, was the most important, since most owners want their living to look at the street or "at the front". Here at the back, there was a beautiful inner yard, full of trees and away from all the noise and traffic.

all planss

The floor plans above represent the stages after the final plan solution was chosen.

At the left, there is the apartment as we found it, with the red color you can see the walls that are being demolished, with the green color in the middle are the new walls and the 4th plan is the final proposal with the furniture. 

The last plan is the analytical electrological plan that was followed during the renovation.


 Below there are the two floor plans - before and after - where the photographs are noted.




Spot 1 - Before     Spot 1 - After
Είσοδος αριστερά
Spot 2 - Before     Spot 2 - After
   ΣΤΑΔΙΟ 2 ΘΕΣΗ 3  
Spot 3 - Before   Spot 3   
Μπλε δωμάτιο
ΣΤΑΔΙΟ 2 002 ΣΤΑΔΙΟ 2 003
Spot 4 - Before Spot 4 - During the demolition  Spot 4 Spot 4 - After
Spot 5 - Before     Spot 5 - After
Θέση 6
Spot 6 - Before (Kitchen) Spot 6 - Demolition Spot 6  Spot 6 - After (Bedroom)
Θέση 7      
Spot 7 - Before
There is no picture due to an existing wall
ΘΕΣΗ 8    
Spot 8 - Before Spot 8     
There is no picture due to an existing wall
Spot 9 - Before Spot 9 Spot 9 Spot 9 - After